Aviation Computer Systems strives to deliver the best in high-value, reasonably priced products. Our goal is your success. SPECIAL: All our manuals include a DCT cross reference file that is cross linked to the appropriate PDF manual. This will make it easy for you to complete the DCT entry in the FAA SAS External Portal saving you and the FAA hundreds of hours and weeks of work.
Aviation Computer Systems was established in 1977. We are the original Part 135 Consulting firm. We have proudly served the aviation community for more than 46 years of continuous operation. Aviation Computer Systems is your best resource for FAA Part 135 certifications, Part 135 General Operations Manuals, Training Manuals, and Single Pilot and Single Pilot in Command Compliance Statements. We will assist you through each gate from your Pre-Application to final Certification. To help you get started you can view the FAA's Part 135 Orientation Video in our Video Library. We will help you maintain your manuals for years to come by providing revision services as regulations or your type of operations change. Your manuals will be maintained in our system for as long as needed. If you lose your copy just call us and we can provide your files online for you to download.
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