Manual Pricing

Single Pilot Operations General Operations Manuals Training Manuals Single Pilot											$2,000.00 Single Pilot in Command									$2,500.00 9 or less passengers										$4,000.00 20 or more passengers									$8,000.00   Commuter Operations									$7,000.00 First Training Manual	   (includes one family of your choice)		$2,000.00 add - Single Engine Piston									$   750.00 add - Single Engine Turbopropeller							$   750.00 add - Multiengine Piston									$   750.00 add - Multiengine Turbopropeller							$   750.00 add - Turbo Jet											$   750.00 add - Helicopter											$   750.00 Hazardous Materials Operations and Training Manual								$   750.00 To discuss a payment schedule and manual purchase call our accounting department at 530-PART135 (530-727-8135). We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, AmEx and PayPal.  We can arrange monthly financing to meet your needs. We do not ship binders. Binders do not usually survive well in shipping. We recommend that you purchase binders at your local office supply store.  Other Operations Manuals International Operations Manual							$   750.00 Winter Operations Manual									$   500.00 Night Vision Goggles Training								$   500.00 10 to 19 passengers										$6,000.00
530-PART135 (530-727-8135)
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Manual Prices
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